Another Winter DIY project

This article will address some simple things you can do to help keep out the cold!

The first is a check of your exterior doors. In the coldest part of the day run your hand around the perimeter of the door and feel for drafts. If you locate air coming in take a small piece of tape and mark that area. Continue around the door and find all the leaks you can locate. Once everything is marked open door and check those areas to see if the weatherstrip in those locations is damaged. If the stripping is damaged you'll need to make a trip to a home improvement store to buy new stripping. However, often these leaks are do to other reasons.

If the weatehrstrip is not damaged it is likely leaking due to the door not closing completely. Once you've determined the stripping is in place we'll check the closing of the door. Slowly open and close the door from the outside watching for contact on the weatherstrip as the door latches. The door should slightly compress the weatherstrip with a little pressure to latch the door. If the gap is consistent around the door, but it doesn't compress the weatherstrip you can simply adjust the strike plate for a tighter fit. Take out the srews from the plate and see if they are slotted. If so just move the plate toward the outside of the house to force the door to close more firmly. If the plate is not slotted you may need to take a utility knfe or wood chisel and make the cut out larger, so the plate can be moved out. Then you will need to re-drill the srew holes carefully. Once the door latch is adjusted you will need to also adjust the dead-bolt plate.

If the door gap is widely varied around the door it may require hinge adjustment and unless you're pretty handy you may want to call in a "handy-man" to help you out.

Now that the doors are sealed up let's talk about outlets. Many times during construction the space behind the electrical outlet doesn't get insulated. This will allow cold air to get into the outlet box and create a draft coming out through the outlet. Count up the oulets on your exterior walls only. The interior walls will not have this issue. You'll need to make another trip to the home improvement store to purchase a few packages of foam oultet insulators. These look like the outlet cover and simpe go behind the plastic outlet cover to seal out cold air. Now go around your home with a screwdriver and place the foam inserts behind the cover plates.

These are a few simple ways to seal out Old Man Winter!

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